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Builder is a instance building system, similar to Roact and Fusion.

Builder uses a object called Descriptor to build instances, it contains a description of the instance you want to build.

Builder has additional objects to support you in building a Descriptor:

  • Event - An object to help with connecting to a event when building instances.
  • Method - An object to help with calling a method when building instances.
  • PropertyChangedSignal - An object to help with detecting property changes when building instances.
  • Attribute - An object to help with setting a attribute when building instances.
  • AttributeChangedSignal - An object to help with detecting attribute changes when building instances.
  • MultiStateResolvable - An object to help with setting a property with a state from a MultiState.

Builder also has 2 basic state systems:

  • State - An object to store a state, like a variable.
  • MultiState - An object to store multiple states, similar to dictionaries.

Builder also has support for custom classes, just ensure it's inside a modulescript, and returns a table with a new field as the constructor for the class. See this page for more information.

Upon requiring the module, it will return the Builder class.

Get the moduleΒΆ