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function ColorPickerModule.promptPickColor(player: Player, allowCancel: boolean, returnType: ColorPickerModuleEnum.returnType): BrickColor | Color3 | table | number

Returns either a BrickColor, Color3, table, or number based on what is passed returnType.

Return types:

Passed argument Returns
ColorPickerModuleEnum.returnType.brickColor Returns a BrickColor based on the player's input.
ColorPickerModuleEnum.returnType.color3 Returns a Color3 based on the player's input.
ColorPickerModuleEnum.returnType.rgbTableDictionary Returns a dictionary table with keys R, G, and B ({R=R, G=G, B=B}) based on the player's input.
ColorPickerModuleEnum.returnType.perValue Returns 3 numbers in a ordered way: R, G, B based on the player's input.
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